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Karen Abigail Tennison is a jazz vocalist pursuing her music career in New York City. Karen was voted as one of the Top 10 best performing jazz bands in The Austin, Tx Chronicle's 2017 Austin Music Awards!


Her sound is sweet, emotional, and will always leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. The moment after she bought her first Ella Fitzgerald CD at a used bookstore at the age of twelve, Karen has been hooked, finding herself always listening to jazz. Karen attended Texas State University where she quickly became the leading vocalist in the top combo, directed by Butch Miles, and top big band, conducted by Dr. Russell Haight. She is now completing her Master's Degree at Queens College and is under the tutaledge of Aubrey Johnson and Tim Armacost.


Karen is currently working on her new project of original compositions and arrangements, which can roughly be described as contemporary, wordless vocal jazz. Her intent is to break through how the voice is used in a jazz setting, whether that's being a side person, arranging parts with voice, brass, and woodwinds, or writing complex melodies without lyrics. 


The charm and charisma emanating from her being allows for the music she creates to be timeless and flawless with each breath of song she sings.